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President’s Message

"Established in July 1973, Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics comprises the housing materials company of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group.

Under the Otsuka Group corporate philosophy, “Otsuka – people creating new products for better health worldwide,” we began the manufacture of creative ceramics with the world’s first successful development of a Large-Scale Ceramic Panels—the Otsuka Large-Scale Ceramic Panels 900 x 3,000 x 20mm. This thin, yet durable ceramic panel presents little or no warping.

Exploring the vast potential of ceramics, we moved from OT ceramics to the manufacture of terracotta-like materials, developing techniques that produce a wide array of styles and methods for rendering extremely accurate and credible reproductions. The support we have received from those involved in design and architecture, along with creators, painters, and those who appreciate ceramics has been invaluable to our accomplishments in this area.

We are dedicated to advancing the art of ceramic panels and will continue to develop new products that meet today’s needs. Our goal is to create products that embody the Otsuka sensibility and bring to life the special properties of ceramics. These properties can not only be incorporated in architectural spaces, but also used to create comfortable living spaces and document through reproduction cultural treasures for future generations.

Each of us at Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics extends our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your past and continued support and patronage."

Eitsugu Osugi
Eitsugu Osugi

Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Factory in Shigaraki
(Shiga, JAPAN)

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