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Main "toban" ceramic panel areas of activity

Original "toban" ceramic panel artworks to commemorate school and corporate anniversaries or to set as an art piece in entrance halls add glamour to the atmosphere. We work with customers to completely draw out their emotions and accurately capture them in a design to create authentic "toban" ceramic panel artwork together. "Clay", a natural soil, transmits its rustic warmth and can depict a variety of expressions to create one-of-a-kind "toban" ceramic panels, unique in the world. With their high durability, "toban" ceramic panels will eternally express the emotion embodied in the finished artwork . "Toban" ceramic panels, having a wide range of sizes to choose from, expressive color ranges, and preservability of the finished work, are used by artists in Japan as well as around the world.

The outstanding weatherability, durability, resistance to discoloration as well as resistance to quality deterioration of "toban" ceramic panels are features for indoor as well as outdoor use. These outstanding features of ceramic panels are also qualifying elements for the reproduction of important cultural properties and assets. "Toban" ceramic panels replicate the actual cultural assets through their highly expressive ceramic technology and will eternally display the replication for future generations to appreciate the fine artwork of the past. Above all expectations, the untouchable delicate original cultural assets are carefully replicated to provide the feel and touch sensation of the original asset— This “touch display” is gaining rave reviews as a new exhibition approach to bring people close to such historical replications.
Also, from an architectural perspective, "toban" ceramic panel technology can be installed to restore the original architectural beauty of buildings registered as cultural assets.

Ohmi's expertise is, obviously, the ability to faithfully replicate art pieces ranging from art masterpieces as displayed at the Otsuka Museum of Art to original art pieces privately owned by customers. Any original painting, preciously stored antique paintings, or writings can be replicated on a "toban" ceramic panel to preserve the memory eternally. A photographic transfer technique using a silkscreen which is fired onto ceramic panels will allow replicated masterpieces to be displayed outdoors without any harm from weather that allows people to touch, feel close to, and enjoy the masterpieces.

The word “toban”, meaning "ceramic panel", is not an everyday word in Japan; however, “toban” work are visually displayed in major areas in Japan. In Tokyo, the rooftop of the central tower of the Diet Building as well as the monumental murals on the walls of Osaka Festival Hall in Osaka are created by "toban". The high weatherability and durability of the ceramic panel materials allow installation of large-scale ceramic signage, platform wall signs at train stations, and a variety of decorative exterior wall designs on many commercial buildings. In addition, commemorative memorabilia and original portraits made on a ceramic panel can be interior display items for cherishing fond memories and photographs for all time. Click here for details

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