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What are "toban (ceramic panels)"?

"Creation of dramatic ceramic objects"

For many people, ceramic pottery brings to mind items such as pots, vases, and tea bowls. For Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics, on the other hand, “ceramic pottery” spans a wide range of work from murals and open-space art decorations to monuments as well as ceramic replications of famous art masterpieces and important cultural assets. The free and creative expression seen on Ohmi's products are far beyond the conventional image of traditional "pottery making".
We, therefore, called this new creative ceramic product “toban,” and are commited to continuously striving to realize customer's need through "toban" production.

Unlimited creative productions accomplished with
Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics' four exclusive proprietary technologies.

Main work processes

  1. Formation

    A wide range of techniques, such as "tebineri" (hand-forming from coils of clay), can be used in formation in addition to molding. The clay composite has a wide variety of unrestricted combinations based on the desired finished outcome of expression and size as well as coloration of the glaze, etc.

  2. Firing

    The kiln temperature must be finely adjusted based on the humidity and temperature of the environment. Control of firing according to the desired expression outcome is essential.

  3. Finish

    In addition to glaze mixing, processing, engraving & printing techniques, manual hand-crafting skills are applied to create the expected expression on the finished work.

  4. Installation

    An in-house installation team will install the delicate yet grandly sized produced work. With our exclusive installation method, the ceramic productions are resistant to earthquake shakes. Installed productions are movable.

voice The passion of the crafter

Facing the work of art, dedicated to its original creation.

Today, digital technology has taken over as a modern trend. I am proud of my handicraft skills to create a lively art work. Enriching a deep understanding of the background as well as the thoughts and intentions of the original artist, the supervisor and the researcher, the stroke after stroke of the finishing brush is a last special step that unites all feelings.

Mr. Yokoyama,responsible for finishing

A "toban" ceramic panel will change the atmosphere of the site.

Being involved from the finishing process at the factory to installation of the finished production, I am very happy and proud when I hear customers make a comment such as "The feeling in the air has changed." after installation because so much devotion has been exerted to complete the artwork.

Mr. Kitamura,responsible for finishing and installation

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