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Only Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics can make things happenExpressive Surface

"A ceramic surface that makes you want to touch it. A breath-taking expression of color usage.
Expressions that touch one's heart. "

One of the unique features of a "toban" is the massive range of expression created on a ceramic panel; in particular, the finished texture and color expression is far beyond the conventional pottery finish image. Expressions such as misty and glossy surface appearance, or textures from a smooth skin-like feeling to a wildly harsh and rough finish, our artisans will take intimate care to exactly meet customer requests with pride. With colors created by mixing paints and glazes, the possibilities for creative images on ceramic panels are limitless.

Colorful and full of vitality

A washi paper texture expressed on a matte-finished ceramic surface

Liveliness of embossed/debossed designs and powerful color usage

Luscious, glossy expression

Soil ground ingrained with an earthy smell

Versatile expression from the thickness of the white-color glaze

An Inorganic surface expressed from shadows created through an embossed/debossed design

As wet as a freshly painted surface

Meticulous and subtle gradation texture

Naturally rustic and withered surface

Only Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics can make things happen

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